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a pair brake clutch levers fit for kawasaki ninja 650r (er-6f er-6n) 2006-2008

a pair brake clutch levers fit for kawasaki ninja 650r (er-6f er-6n) 2006-2008

Model: brake-master-cylinder-1252

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Item specifics
Item Height: 6 cm

Brand Name: Tengchang Model Name: F-14/K-750 Item Width: 3 cm Special Features: Brake Clutch Levers External Testing
Certification: CE Item Length: 14 cm Item

Type: Levers, Ropes & Cables Material

Type: Aluminum Item
Weight: 0.3 kg Color: Up to you

A pair Brake Clutch Levers Fit For KAWASAKI NINJA 650R (ER-6f ER-6n) 2006-2008



    Stainless Steel Hardware
    Machined CNC Billt 6061 T6 Aluminum
    Machined Pivot Bore To Ensure A Perfect Fit
    6 Position Lever Adjustment stainless steel fasteners
    Custom Cadmium Plated Springs & Brass Pivot Bushing
    Color: We offer 8 colors lever and 8 color Adjuster,please choose the color that you want.
    After you place an order ,pls tell me your motorcycle model and  help me get the the information below:
The color of the lever:
The color of the adjuster:
Length of the lever? Regular or Short:

Lever Available Colors List   Shorty     Regular   Fitment Honda Kawasaki 2003-2006 CBR600RR F-29 Y-688H 2005-2009 ZZR600 F-14 K-828 2002-2003 CBR954RR F-29 Y-688H 2000-2004 ZX-6R/ZX636/ZX-6RR/ZX599 F-14 K-828 2007-2012 CBR600RR F-33 Y-688H 2000-2003 ZX9R F-14 K-828 2008-2012 CBR1000RR F-33 Y-688H 2004-2005 ZX10R F-14 K-828 2000-2006 RC51/RVT1000 SP-1/SP-2 F-29 H-33 2003-2006 Z1000 F-14 K-828 2004-2007 CBR1000RR F-33 H-33 2000-2005 ZX-12R F-14 K-828 2008-2011 CB1000R F-33 H-33 2012 Versys 1000 F-14 K-828 1998-2006 CB599/CB600 Hornet F-18 H-626 2012 W800 F-14 K-828 1991-2007 CBR600 F2 F3 F4 F4i F-18 H-626 2005-2006 ZX636R/ZX6RR F-35 K-828 1993-1999 CBR900RR F-18 H-626 2007-2012 ZX-6R F-88 K-828 2003-2008 VTX1300 F-18 H-626 2006-2012 ZX-10R F-88 K-828 2002-2007 CB919 F-18 H-626 2007-2012 Z1000 F-88 K-828 2012 NC700 S/X F-18 H-626 2011-2012 Z1000SX/Ninja 1000 F-88 K-828 2000-2001 CBR929RR F-29 H-626 2011-2012 Z750R F-88 K-828 1998-2001 VFR800 F-XX V-00 1989-2003 ZX7R/ZX7RR F-14 C-777 1997-2007 CBR1100xx/BLACKBIRD F-XX V-00 1994-1997 ZX9 F-14 C-777 2003-2007 ST1300/ST1300A F-XX V-00 1990-2001 ZX1100/ZX-11 F-14 C-777 1999-2002 X-11 F-XX H-626 1999-2007 ZRX1100/1200 F-14 C-777 1982-1986 VF750S SABRE F-18 V-00 2002-2005 ZZR1200 F-14 C-777 1991-1997 VFR750 F-18 V-00 1992-2006 ZG1000 CONCOURS F-14 C-777 2002-2012 VFR800 F-18 V-00 2006-2012 ZX1400/ZX14R/ZZR1400 F-88 H-88 1998-2005 VTR1000F/FIRESTORM F-18 V-00 2007-2012 GTR1400/CONCOURS 14 F-88 H-88 2006-2009 CBF1000 F-18 V-00 1990-1999 ZX-6 F-14 K-750 Suzuki 1990-2004 ZZR600 F-14 K-750 1998-2003 TL1000R F-14 S-14 1991-1993 ZR750 ZEPHYR F-14 K-750 2003-2007 SV1000/S F-14 S-14 1998-1999 ZX9R F-14 K-750 1999-2007 Hayabusa/GSX1300R F-14 S-14 ALL YEARS ZXR400 F-14 K-750 2001-2006 GSF1200 BANDIT F-14 S-14 1990-2009 GPZ500S/EX500R NINJA F-14 K-750 2007-2012 GSF1250 BANDIT F-14 S-14 2004-2005 ER-5 F-14 K-750 2002-2010 DL1000/V-STROM F-14 S-14 2006-2008 NINJA 650R(ER-6F ER-6N) F-14 K-750 2001-2007 GSX1400 F-14 S-14 2006-2008 VERSYS F-14 K-750 2007 GSF650 BANDIT F-14 S-14 2006-2008 Z750S F-14 K-750 2008-2012 GSX650F F-14 S-14 2007-2011 Z750 F-21 K-828 2010-2012 GSX1250 F/SA F-14 S-14 2008-2012 Ninja 250R F-25 K-25 2005-2006 GSXR1000 F-35 S-35 2009-2012 Ninja 650R/ER-6f F-44 K-750 2006-2010 GSXR600 F-35 S-35 2009-2012 Versys F-44 K-750 2006-2010 GSXR750 F-35 S-35 2009-2012 ER-6n F-44 K-750 2007-2008 GSXR1000 F-35 S-14 2011 Ninja 400R F-44 K-750 1997-2003 GSXR600 F-14 S-248 Yamaha 1996-2003 GSXR750 F-14 S-248 1999-2004 YZF R6 F-14 Y-400 2001-2004 GSXR1000 F-14 S-248 2002-2003 YZF R1 F-14 Y-400 1997-2001 TL1000S F-14 S-248 2001-2005 FZ1 FAZER F-14 Y-400 2006-2011 GSR600 F-14 S-248 2006-2009 R6s USA VERSION F-14 Y-400 2009-2012 SFV650 GLADIUS F-14 S-248 2007-2009 R6s CANADA VERSION F-14 Y-400 2011-2012 GSR750 F-14 S-248 2005-2012 YZF R6 R-104 Y-688 2011-2012 DL650/V-Strom F-14 S-248 2004-2008 YZF R1 R-104 Y-688 2004-2005 GSXR600 F-35 S-248 2006 YZF R6s CANADA VERSION R-104 Y-688 2004-2005 GSXR750 F-35 S-248 2006-2007 YZF R6s EUROPE VERSION R-104 Y-688 2008-2012 Hayabusa/GSX1300R F-41 S-14 2004-2010 FZ6 FAZER F-16 Y-688 1999-2010 SV650/S F-14 S-650 2009-2011 FZ6R F-16 Y-688 2004-2010 DL650/V-Strom F-14 S-650 2006-2012 FZ1 FAZER F-16 Y-688 1998-2006 600/750 Katana F-14 S-650 2009-2012 XJ6 DIVERSION F-16 Y-688 2009-2012 GSXR1000 F-35 V-4 2011-2012 FZ8 F-16 Y-688 2011-2012 GSXR600 F-35 V-4 2003 FJR1300 F-14 C-777 2011-2012 GSXR750 F-35 V-4 2004-2012 FJR1300 F-16 C-777 2008-2011 B-King F-35 S-31 2004-2012 XJR1300 F-16 C-777 Triumph 2012 SuperTenere F-16 C-777 2008-2010 Speed Triple F-35 T-333 2004-2009 MT-01 R-104 C-777 2009-2012 675 Street Triple R F-35 T-333 2009-2011 V-MAX R-104 C-777 2006-2012 Daytona 675 F-35 T-333 1999-2001 YZF R1 F-21 Y-400 2005-2006 Speed Four F-14 T-333 2009-2012 YZF R1 R-19 Y-688 2004-2007 Speed Triple F-14 T-333 1993-2010 XJR 400 F-14 Y-400 2004-2005 Daytona 600/650 F-14 T-333 Ducati 2004-2006 Daytona 955i F-14 T-333 2011-2012 Diavel F-11 H-11 2004-2009 Sprint ST/RS F-14 T-333 2009-2011 1198/S/R F-11 H-11 2011-2012 Sprint GT F-14 T-333 2007-2008 1098/S/Tricolor F-11 H-11 2004-2012 Thruxton F-14 T-333 2007-2012 848/EVO F-11 H-11 2012 Thruxton Steve McQueen SE F-14 T-333 2010-2012 Multistrada 1200/S F-11 H-11 2006-2012 Bonneville/SE/T100 F-14 T-333 2009-2012 Streetfighter/S F-11 H-11 2007-2012 TIGER 1050 F-14 T-333 2012 Streetfighter 848 F-11 H-11 2011-2012 TIGER 800/XC F-14 T-333 2009-2012 M1100/S Monster F-11 H-11 2004-2007 ROCKET F-14 T-333 2003-2006 999/S/R F-11 H-11 2007-2010 ROCKET Classic F-14 T-333 2003-2006 749/S/R F-11 H-11 2010-2012 ROCKET Roadster F-14 T-333 2006-2008 S4RS F-11 H-11 2006-2012 Scrambler F-14 T-333 2012 1199 Panigale/S/Tricolor F-11 H-11 2008-2012 675 Street Triple F-14 T-333 2010-2012 HyperMotard 796 DB-12 D-22 2006-2012 SpeedMaster F-14 T-333 2004-2007 400 Monster DB-12 D-22 2006-2012 America F-14 T-333 2003-2006 620 Monster/620 MTS DB-12 D-22 1997-2003 Daytona 955i F-14 T-955 2007-2008 695 Monster DB-12 D-22 1997-2003 Speed Triple F-14 T-955 2009-2012 696 Monster DB-12 D-22 1997-2003 Srint ST F-14 T-955 2011-2012 796 Monster DB-12 D-22 1999-2003 Sprint RS F-14 T-955 2005-2007 Monster S2R 800 DB-12 D-22 2003-2004 Speed Four F-14 T-955 2003 ST4S DB-12 D-22 2000-2003 TT600 F-14 T-955 2001-2006 MS4/MS4R DB-80 DC-80 2011-2012 Speed Triple F-11 T-333 2000-2005 M900/M1000 DB-80 DC-80 2012 Speed Triple R F-11 T-333 1998-2006 900SS/1000SS DB-80 DC-80 2011-2012 Daytona 675 R F-11 T-333 1999-2003 996/998/B/S/R DB-80 DC-80 Buell 1999-2002 748/750SS DB-80 DC-80 2008-2009 1125R F-14 C-777 2004-2006 MTS1000SDS/DS DB-80 DC-80 2009 1125CR F-14 C-777 2007-2009 MTS1100/S DB-80 DC-80 2009 XB12R F-14 B-55 2004-2006 ST4/S/ABS DB-80 DC-80 2009 XB12Ss F-14 B-55 2003-2007 ST3/S/ABS DB-80 DC-80 2009 XB12Scg F-14 B-55 2006-2009 SPORT 1000 DB-80 DC-80 1998-2002 X1 Lightning F-14 B-55 2006-2010 GT1000 DB-80 DC-80 1997-1998 S1 Lightning F-14 B-55 2006 PAUL SMART LE DB-80 DC-80 1997-2002 M2 Cyclone F-14 B-55 2006-2008 S2R 1000 DB-80 DC-80 2009 Uisses XB12XT F-21 B-55 2007-2012 HyperMotard 1100/S/EVO SP H-11 D-01 2009 Uisses XB12X F-21 B-55 UP-1998 748 DB-12 DC-12 2004-2008 XB12 (all models up to 08 only) F-21 B-55 UP-1998 916/916SPS DB-12 DC-12 2003-2009 XB9 (all models) F-21 B-55 1991-1997 900SS DB-12 DC-12 BMW 1999-2003 Monster M400 DB-12 DC-12 2009-2011 K1300 S/R/GT B-1 B-2 1994-2001 Monster M600 DB-12 DC-12 2011 K1600 GT/GTL B-1 B-2 2002 Monster M620 DB-12 DC-12 2005-2008 K1200R B-1 B-2 1994-2002 Monster M750/M750IE DB-12 DC-12 2006-2008 K1200R SPORT B-1 B-2 1994-1999 Monster M900 DB-12 DC-12 2004-2008 K1200S B-1 B-2 1998-2003 ST2 DB-12 DC-12 2006-2010 R1200R B-1 B-2 1999-2002 ST4/S/ABS DB-12 DC-12 2010-2011 R1200RT B-1 B-2 Apria 2006-2008 R1200S B-1 B-2 2004-2008 RSV MILLE/R F-11 H-11 2005-2008 R1200ST B-1 B-2 1999-2003 RSV Mille/R DB-80 DC-80 2004-2011 R1200GS B-1 B-2 2003-2009 Tuono/R DB-80 DC-80 2006-2011 R1200GS ADVENTURE B-1 B-2 2000-2004 FALCO/SL1000 DB-80 DC-80 2010-2012 S1000RR F-22 B-22 2011-2012 Dorsoduro 1200 DB-80 DC-80 Hyosung 2002-2007 Caponord/ETV1000 F-16 DC-80 2006-2010 GT250R F-8 H-8 2001-2004 RST1000 Futura F-16 DC-80 2006-2009 GT650R F-8 H-8 2009-2012 RSV4/RSV4 Factory F-11 V-4 MOTO GUZZI 2011-2012 Tuono V4R DB-80 V-4 2006-2012 GRISO F-16 DC-80 KTM 2006-2007 BREVA 1100 F-16 DC-80 2005-2012 990 SuperDuke F-11 M-11 2006-2012 NORGE 1200 F-16 DC-80 2009-2012 RC8/R F-11 M-11 2007-2012 1200 SPORT F-16 DC-80 2008-2011 690 Duke F-11 M-11 2008-2012 STELVIO F-16 DC-80        

Product Description
Packaging Details Unit

Type: pair
Weight: 0.300kg (0.66lb.)
Package Size: 14cm x 3cm x 6cm (5.51in x 1.18in x 2.36in)

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Customer Reviews:

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by Graham
Date Added: 10/25/2017
Great price, clear website, delivery on the nail.Never used before but certainly will again.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Graham
Date Added: 10/25/2017
Great price, clear website, delivery on the nail.Never used before but certainly will again.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Date Added: 10/25/2017
Consistently a fantastic service with very speedy delivery.We love this site, and are very regular viewers of it. We shop here fairly frequently with our sons playing hockey, rugby and cricket.Fantastic store if you choose to visit the lovely town of Knutsford too.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Christine Coffey
Date Added: 10/25/2017
Excellent quality, matched with excellent service.The item was just as described, and good quality. Nicely packed, and delivered promptly.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Karen day
Date Added: 10/25/2017
Exceptional delivery time! I'm sure they would have arrived the moment I ordered them if they could, it was that fast!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by thomas godley
Date Added: 10/25/2017
23 November 2011 Just great Once i placed the order there came within a couple of days great sevice i would use them agian.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)


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